TOTEM ACOUSTIC KIN Monitor Bookshelf Speakers (KIN MONITOR)


  • KIN Metal Alloy Dome tweeter
  • KIN Natural Hybrid woofer
  • Acoustic Isolation Feet
  • Universal and Micro port tuning

Do not underestimate KIN Monitor because it can and will knock you out. But you’ll appreciate the experience.

KIN Monitor has a lightweight’s stature and speed but hits with a heavyweight’s stunning power and authority. It reacts lighting fast with persuasive clarity and profound percussion, an unbeatable package created to intimately connect you to all your favorite media.

Kin Monitor embodies Totem’s philosophy of audio solutions that challenge preconceived expectations. Hook it up to the KIN Amp, another compact heavy hitter, to create a perfectly matched lean, mean sound machine.

Listen closely and you can hear the mantra rise from the streets. We are young. We are fun. We are KIN.


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