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Expertise and Service

At CGM Electronics we are proud to offer you a relaxed, pressure-free shopping experience. Our sales philosophy is non-commission and team-based, with an emphasis on ensuring that you receive the same level of service and honest advice, regardless of budget.

In addition to sales experience, many of our long-term team members are also trained service technicians, installers, or engineers, and this combined technical knowledge offers us an edge over our competition.

The History of CGM

CGM Electronics opened its doors in 1955 under the name Bernie Jackson LTD., just a few blocks west of where we currently are now. Sales and service for the great new technology of Television!

1969, Tyrell “Terry” Coan, Eugene Gillotte, and Garth Mossop purchased and took over the business, changing the name to CGM Electronics. Within a few years, Garth and Terry took over as primary owners and became the noble leaders in electronics in North Vancouver. To date, we still have clients coming in who remember purchasing one of their several Televisions and Stereos from CGM Sound and Colour, as it was known through the 70’s and 80’s.

In 1982, CGM moved into our current location at 1285 Marine Dr. For the next 20 years, Garth and Terry continued to grow with and service North and West Vancouver with the best of available electronics.

In 2002, Terry retired. Paul Jasich and Reiner Tecklenburg moved up from Sales and Service to join Garth, making CGM a triumvirate of excellence, friendly service, and guidance.

Now, nearly 60 years on, CGM remains the leader in Entertainment and Automation with the best quality electronics, partnered with the sales and service you have come to expect from us.

With our longevity on the North Shore, we have had the luxury of having many of our clients becoming our friends. If you are already a customer with CGM, come in, catch up with us, and see what is the latest and greatest. If you have not been to CGM, we look forward to meeting you and creating an excellent experience for you here, and in your home.

Garth, Reiner, Paul and the Staff at CGM

1285 Marine Drive
North Vancouver

Store hours:

Mon – Sat
9:30 am – 5:30 pm

We’d like to give you our full attention. Please do give us a call or email and we’ll make sure to schedule some time just for you.

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